ECET 210 ECET210 Week 3 iLab 4 Solution

ECET 210 ECET210 Week 3 iLab 4 Solution


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ECET 210 Week 3 iLab 4 Analysis of AC Parallel RLC Circuit using Simulation and Construction



  1. 1.         To analyze a parallel AC circuit containing a resistor (R), an inductor (L), and a capacitor (C).
  2. 2.          To simulate the RLC circuit and observe the circuit responses.
  3. 3.         To build the RLC circuit and measure the circuit responses.





Current through the resistor is independent of frequency; current through the capacitor increases with frequency increase and current through the inductor decreases with frequency increase. The properties of the inductor and capacity are frequency dependent so the circuit response varies when the driving frequency is varied.





The properties of a parallel RLC AC circuit holds true and was proved with the calculated, simulated and constructed circuits.

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