ECET 210 ECET210 Week 2 iLab 2 Solution

ECET 210 ECET210 Week 2 iLab 2 Solution


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ECET 210 Week 2 iLab 2 Analysis of AC Series RL Circuit Using Simulation and Construction


  1. 1.         To analyze a series AC circuit containing an inductor (L) and a resistor (R) using Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law.
  2. 2.         To simulate the RL circuit and observe the voltage drops and currents at different frequencies.


  1. 3.         To build a RL circuit and measure voltage drops and current at different frequencies.


  1. 4.         To prove that the power delivered by the source is equal to the sum total of power dissipated by all of the resistors in the circuit.




The magnitude of the voltage drop and current across the capacity was the same for the calculated, simulated and constructed circuits. In addition, the sum of the voltage drops across the inductor and resistor equaled the voltages supplied by the power source.




Kirchoff’s Voltage Law holds true for RL AC circuits. 

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