ECET 110 ECET110 Week 5 iLab Solution

ECET 110 ECET110 Week 5 iLab Solution


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ECET 110 Week 5 iLab Thevenin’s and Superposition Theorem

Objectives: 1. To troubleshoot a complex circuit and determine various currents and voltages using superposition theorem and compare the results with the results of last week’s lab.

2. To simulate the complex circuit in Multisim and record the required quantities and verify superposition theorem by using one source at a time.

3. Determine the various currents and voltages after wiring the circuit. Verify superposition theorem and report on any differences in the values and why that might be the case.

4. Use Multisim to illustrate Thevenin’s theorem.

Results: By collecting the required data from calculated, simulated, and constructed circuits, we were able to prove the superposition theorem to be true.

Conclusions: The superposition theorem is a true and viable way to calculate the electrical values of a circuit with multiple power sources.

Given the current through R1 from each source indicated by IR1(V1)and IR1(V2), would the net current through the resistor be obtained by adding or subtracting these individual current contributions?

If R2 failed due to an overload and the resistor opened up, what voltage would you measure across R2?

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