ECET 110 ECET110 Week 5 Homework Assignment Solution

ECET 110 ECET110 Week 5 Homework Assignment Solution


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ECET 110 Week 5 Homework


1a. Using the superposition theorem, determine the current through the 12 Ohm resistor of fig. 9.119. we will use superposition to analyze this circuit. First short E2 and find the current thru the 12 Ohms resistor and then Short E1 and keep E2 in the circuit and find the same current. Then algebraically add the two currents (add if in the same directions and subtract if opposite direction

Short V2

12Ohms resistor—IR3

IR1 and IR3 are the same value


Short V1

12 Ohms resistor—IR3


Subtract the values due to opposing directions


1b. Convert both voltage sources to current sources and recalculate the current to the 12 Ohm resistor.

Subtract the two current sources (because they are opposite directions) and the result will be one current source. You can find individual currents using current divider rule

1c. How do the results of parts a and b compare?

The answers are to be the same.

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