ECET 100 ECET100 Week 2 Homework Assignment Solution

ECET 100 ECET100 Week 2 Homework Assignment Solution


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ECET 100 Week 2 Homework Assignment

1. The current in a circuit is 1 amp. What will the current be when the voltage is increased by 50%?

2. A 10 W resistor is connected across a 12 V battery. How much current is there through the resistor?

3. Three amperes of current are measured through a 27 W resistor connected across a voltage source. How much voltage does the source produce?

4. How much power is dissipated by a 2.4 k resistor in series with a 12V power supply?

5. A series circuit contains four resistors with values of 4.7k, 5.6k, 8.1k and 10k. Which resistor has the smallest voltage drop?

6. What is the current flow through R2 in the circuit shown below?

7. What is the total resistance for the circuit shown in Problem 4?

8. What is the voltage, with respect to Ground, measured at the point where R1 and R2 connect?

9. The voltage drops across three resistors in series are measured to be 10.0V, 15.0V, and 25.0V. If the largest resistor is 47.0 Ω, what is the value of the smallest resistor?

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