ECE 405 ECE405 Week 5 Discussion Cultural Competence Sharing and Reflection (Ashford)

ECE 405 ECE405 Week 5 Discussion Cultural Competence Sharing and Reflection (Ashford)


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Ashford ECE 405 Week 5 Discussion Cultural Competence Sharing and Reflection

Cultural Competence Sharing and Reflection. 1st Post Due by Day 3. Throughout this course you have learned about concepts that contribute to the creation of a culturally responsive environment and support the learning and development of all children and their families. You now have an ePortfolio that demonstrates this learning. This final discussion has two required parts:

  1. You will finalize your ePortfolio by adding a Resource tab including all the scholarly resources that you have included in your assignments. The final Resources tab should be submitted in APA format and include the 10 scholarly resources that you have used to support your ideas in your assignments. After you finalize your ePortfolio, you will share the link to your completed Cultural Competence Google site ePortfolio. This is your opportunity to share with others your compilation of ideas, beliefs, and strategies to meet the needs of all your children and families.

  2. In addition to sharing your ePortfolio link, you will reflect on your ePortfolio by summarizing the main concepts and why they are important to you as an educator. The four main themes are:

    • Culturally Relevant Methods

    • Anti-Bias Curriculum

    • Diverse Family Structures

    • Multicultural Education

      Guided Response: After you review several peers’ ePortfolios, provide feedback to at least two classmates.

Review the About Discussions guidelines (located in the left navigation bar of your online course under Course Home). Identify the strengths of their portfolio as well as an area of opportunity. Include one specific suggestion that will help your classmate improve his or her work. 

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