ECE 205 ECE205 Week 5 Final Paper Child Development Campaign Proposal

ECE 205 ECE205 Week 5 Final Paper Child Development Campaign Proposal


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ECE 205 Week 5 Final Paper Child Development Campaign Proposal

Child Development is a field of study that covers different aspects of biological, mental, cognitive, and physical development of children. Within the field of Child Development, campaigns are often created as an effort to inform audiences about a specific issue, achieve a particular goal, or help support the development of an objective. Funding to support campaigns is generally awarded based on campaign proposals. Therefore, for this final assignment you will create a proposal that addresses a specific topic. This assignment builds on your learning throughout the course and expands your thinking about the course’s enduring understandings and essential questions, which are explored further in the Instructor Guidance for this course in Week Five and prior weeks as well.


Read the following scenario and list of topics presented below and choose a child development topic that is important to you. Next, develop a campaign proposal that you might use in your current or future professional role. Please address each of the following content and written communication expectations provided with this assignment.

Scenario: A large non-profit organization in the United States is looking to fund a national Child Development Campaign that brings awareness to a topic of importance in the field of child development. You have been selected to apply for this opportunity and develop a campaign. Your goal for this assignment is to create a campaign that draws on the knowledge you have learned in ECE205. 

Child Development Topics: Below are 10 child development topics to consider for this project. Remember to select one topic for your assignment.

  • Be There 
  • Bullying 
  • Healthy BabyLet’s Play 
  • Let’s Move 
  • National Child & Maternal Health Education Program 
  • Safe Infant Sleep 
  • Safe Kids 
  • Childhood Vaccinations 
  • Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition 
  • Youth Development
    Content Expectations/Content Criteria
    It is recommended that you create a document section heading for each of the content expectations sections stated below placing them between the introduction and conclusion sections of your paper. Include smooth transitions between sections and paragraphs in your paper and consult the Ashford Writing Center for assistance if needed. 
    • Proposal Information
    o Summary(2points):Summarizethemissionofthecampaignandthecontributiontothefieldof
    child development.
    o Relevance(2points):Explainyourrationaleforthedevelopmentofthiscampaignandwhyitis
    relevant to you as a professional.
    o TheoreticalLens(2points):Discusswhythecampaigntopicisrelevanttoaspecificageand
    stage. Use theories of child development to support your rationale.
    • Campaign Purpose
    o ProposalOverview(2points):Discussthehistorical,biological,environmental,andcultural
    influences that have impacted this campaign topic throughout the last 2 decades.
    o ProblemStatement(1point):Explainwhythiscampaigntopicneedstobeaddressedandthe
    importance it has on the developing child (physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive). 
    o Family/CommunityImpact(2points):Explainhowthecampaigninfluencesfamiliesand communities, using specific examples.
    o Influences(2points):Explaintheculturalandenvironmentalinfluencesthatmayhelporhinder implementation of the campaign.
    o Rationale(1point):Discusswhythiscampaignneedstobeimplementedandwhatpossible consequences there may be if the topic is not addressed.
    • Implementation Plan
    o Process(2.5points):Discusstheenvironmentswherethiscampaignwillbeimplementedto
    nurture the physical, socio-emotional and cognitive growth of the children you will be working
    o Implications(2.5points):Explaintheanticipatedlong-termimplicationsofthecampaign.
    o Effectiveness(2.5points):Explainhowyouwilldetermineeffectiveness.Includespecificsabout
    the type of evidence you will use to determine effectiveness. 
    Written Communication Expectations 
    • Page Requirement (0.5 point): Six to eight pages, excluding title and references pages. 
    • APA Formatting (0.5 point): Use APA 6th edition formatting, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center,
      consistently throughout the assignment. 
    • Syntax and Mechanics (1 point): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and
      mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. 
    • Source Requirement (0.5 point): Reference three scholarly resources in addition to the course textbook,
      providing compelling evidence to support your ideas. All resources on the references page need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment. 

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