DMBA 610 DMBA610 Final Exam Answers (UMUC)

DMBA 610 DMBA610 Final Exam Answers (UMUC)


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DMBA 610 Final Exam (UMUC)

1A - What are the primary considerations for the entrepreneur in choice of a legal form? 

1B - What are the advantages and disadvantages of each form in terms of the specific constraints and objectives? 

1C - Which one form would you choose and why? Which form would be your “second-best” recommendation and why? 

1D - Why is it valuable to have a legally astute management team making the decision about the choice of business entity, rather than leaving these decisions to the lawyers? 

2A - What are the duties and obligations of a corporate officer? 

2B - For the director of a company, what are their obligations? Who are they loyal to? Are they an agent of any entity? 

2C - As you will be a future corporate officer (with your UMUCMBAdegree),whenwouldyouissuea recallof a product? When you had conclusive evidence it would injure or kill people? Or, when you had conclusive 

evidence that it had already injured or killed people?

Also, how would you respond to a proposed scheme to commit fraud by employees? Would you go the Board of Directors? To law enforcement or government agencies? Or, would you just resign in protest but stay silent in terms of alerting the public of the fraud? 

Analyze the action of the Volkswagen CEO, Martin Winterkorn, who resigned in light of the reported fraud. As reported by CNN, “Winterkorn apologized twice for the scandal, and said he was stunned by the scale of the misconduct.

When he resigned he said: "As CEO I accept responsibility for the irregularities that have been found in diesel engines and have therefore requested the supervisory board to agree on terminating my function as CEO of the Volkswagen Group. I am doing this in the interests of the company even though I am not aware of any wrong doing on my part." (Thompson, 2015)

Supportyour responsewithanexplanationofthe decision making process that you would personally apply 

2D - Is this concussive injury example a “right v. right” type of dilemma as described by Badaracco (2002)? Why or why not? Explain. 

2E - You determine that you are proud to be earning your MBA (and it is helping you assist Angelina)! You want to be able to persuade her that businesses (and their leaders) are a positive socially responsible part of modern society. So, you assume the role of the head of the NFL (the National Football League Commissioner). Analyze the concussive injury issues using Badaracco’s “right v. right” 

framework from his Defining Moments video (2002). Be sure to support your views with ethical theory and principles, and include all steps andtestsinyourresponse. 

2F - Is it ethical: 

3A - Angelina wants your business advice regarding how she should protect herself from risks in the event of a dispute in regards to the Montenegrin location of her CrossFit franchise. What do you advise her? 

3B - Angelina admits that she has never been to any CrossFit location and she has never been to Montenegro. She says she has been “visualizing success” as her Twitter expert guru told her to! Yet, Angelina admits that she is uneasy about the political situation in Montenegro (based on simply her “feelings” and no facts) 

3C - What specific types of provisions do you recommend should be written into the CrossFit Montenegro location franchise contracts to limit any legal disputes that might arise between the US based franchisee company and the local vendors, banks and clients in Montenegro? 

3D - How would these provisions favor the interests of Angelina’s company? 

3E - If Angelina

follows your advice and

includes the provisions you recommend in part

(C) in the contracts, does that mean the

company will never have to go to court in

another country or become familiar with any

foreign laws in connection with the business

deals in Montene 

3F - What could happen if the provisions you specified in part (C) were not part of the contract? 

3G - What would you advise Angelina to do to protect her interests (to avoid the risk of paying upfront and then the fixtures and furniture never being delivered to Montenegro)? What about ensuring that the delivered items are properly installed in the CrossFit location in Montenegro? 

4A - What is the issue? 

4B - What type of issue is this? 

4C - What is the author’s conclusion? 

4D - What are the author’s reasons for the conclusion? 

4E - Identify at least two reasoning fallacies in the memo by type and explain why they are reasoning fallacies in this context. 

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