DBM 438 DBM438 Week 1 Quiz Answers

DBM 438 DBM438 Week 1 Quiz Answers


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DBM 438 Week 1 Quiz 

1. TCO 1 - In Windows, the default ORACLE_BASE path is ____.

2. TCO 1 – Which configuration below is the most standard or typical setup for an Oracle10g database?

3. TCO 1 - The ____ does not write any data to disks. It signals the DBWn to begin writing to disk by issuing a checkpoint.

4. TCO 1 - The tnsnames.ora file is typically found in the ____ directory on a UNIX, Linux, or Windows system.

5. TCO 9 – Select which tool below provides the network link between the Oracle10g database and most applications that communicate with the database.

6. TCO 9 - The ____ migrates data from older versions to newer versions of the database

7. TCO 9 - To start Net Manager in Unix or Linux, type ____ on the command line of a shell.

8. TCO 1 - Oracle has over 10 background processes that run when Oracle starts up.

These background porcesses support and monitor the server processes and handle database management tasks to keep the database running effeciently and to help maintain fast performance. List 4 of these background processes and describe exactly their functionality.  Please be thorough in your response

9. TCO 9 - You are a junior DBA who has been asked to do some work in the database environment. Briefly discuss the steps you would take to startup the SQL *Plus editor application and SQL *Plus Worksheet so you can do your work.

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