CS 113 CS113 Unit 9 Quiz (Kaplan)

CS 113 CS113 Unit 9 Quiz (Kaplan)

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CS113 Unit 9 Quiz (Kaplan)

  1. A professional who is able to stay calm and unbiased in even in the most confrontational situations would best be described with which of the following terms?
  2. A student who is not able to stay quiet and is always talking would best be described with which of the following terms? 
  3. A negative remark that is intended to make someone feel bad and possibly even worthless would best be described with which of the following terms? 
  4. It is extremely important for career planners to have a strong critical self-awareness. Which of the following would be the best definition of critical self-awareness? 
  5. One of the first steps of successful career planning is self-assessment! This is where you take time to get a clear view of your own career related interests, personality traits, skills and values. Which of the following resources were recommended as valuable career self-assessment tools? (Points : 1)
  6. Career Action Planning is a continuous process that revolves around which of the following four basic steps/questions? (Points : 1)
  7. Career action planning is a one-time only process; this is why it is critical that you get it right the first time. (Points : 1)
  8. Each career goal you set should be backed by a series of specific _____________. (Points : 1)
  9. People who successfully plan their careers generally have which of the following key attributes? (Points : 1)
  10. Successful career planners regularly reflect upon their career plans, adjust them to accommodate changes in their thinking and circumstances and focus on carrying out the tasks that will bring them closer and closer to the goals they have set for themselves. (Points : 1)



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