COMP 230 COMP230 Week 7 Quiz Answers

COMP 230 COMP230 Week 7 Quiz Answers


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  1. (TCO 7) What SQL clause is used to determine the fields to be displayed in an SQL Query statement?
  2. (TCO 7) Which of the following is NOT a feature of database management software?
  3. (TCO 7) The _____ in a table is the column that makes each record different from all others.
  4. (TCO 7) What task(s) are involved in designing a database table?
  5. (TCO 7) Which of the following is not a database security issue?
  6. (TCO 7) The questions that cause the database software to extract the appropriate records from a table and specify the fields to be viewed are called _____.
  7. (TCO 7) In an SQL Query statement, what Boolean operator can be used to test a set of conditions whereby any condition being true will and must test true?
  8. (TCO 7) Which field would be suitable as a primary key in a table that contains employee records?
  9. (TCO 7) Which statement concerning primary keys is false?
  10. (TCO 7) The WSH Object used in a VBScript program to retrieve data from a database is _____.

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