COMP 129 COMP129 Week 4 Quiz Answers

COMP 129 COMP129 Week 4 Quiz Answers


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COMP 129 Week 4 Quiz

  1. A laptop normally has an___type of hard drive installed
  2. You have a computer with three hard disks. A RAID 0 volume uses space on Disk 1 and Disk 2. R RAID 1 volume uses space on Disk 2 and Disk 3. Disk 2 failes. Which of the following is true?
  3. What does IDE mean?
  4. USB speakers have the advantage of reducing the opportunity for interference. What is the potential drawback?
  5. Which optical medium has the greatest storage capacity?
  6. The average number of hours before a device is likely to fail is called the ___.
  7. What Android or iOS app is used to take photos?
  8. The most common type of DVI connector used with flat panel monitors is the ___
  9. A technician is called into an office that reports that the inkjet printer does not print. Upon arrival, the technician sees that there is a paper jam. Upon removing the paper, the technician prints a test page. Nothing outputs. What is the most likely thing that the technician shoul do next?
  10. One of the technicians in your shop frequently swaps parts that do not fix the probem. The parts taken out of customer machines are taken to build private customer computers. This is an example of poor___.

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