COMP 129 COMP129 Week 3 Quiz Answers

COMP 129 COMP129 Week 3 Quiz Answers


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COMP 129 Week 3 Quiz

  1. I Windows, if you create a file consisting of several commands that can be executed , you are most likely creating a(an):
  2. Which tool can you use to view , but not modify , hardware and configuration information for your computer?
  3. Which option would allow a smartphone to be backed up to a remote server?
  4. The operating system does which one of the following?
  5. A user is working in Microsoft Word. He saves the document called LTR1.DOCX to a folder called WORDDOCS. The WORDDOCS folder is a subfolder of the documents  folder located on the D: hard drive volume. Write the complete path for the LTR1.DOC file
  6. What does the Windows 7 use instead of the Recovery Console?
  7. What Windows 7 feature speeds up file researches?
  8. Learning the next-generation features of the most smartphones is an example of

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