COMM 211 COMM211 Quiz 2 with Answers (American Public University)

COMM 211 COMM211 Quiz 2 with Answers (American Public University)


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  1. In the study discussed in Chapter 4, ______ is defined as the degree to which content is tailored to individual students.
  2. Which theory suggests that people who interact with each other learn from each other?
  3. The authors of the study discussed in Chapter 4 found that their researched supported the argument that social media can motivate students to engage, share, and learn.
  4. One method used to redesign the course Media and Democracy to be more social media friendly and interactive for students was
  5. _______ is defined as posting an aggressive or condescending comment in a social media forum
  6. In the study presented in Chapter 5, which social media outlet was not successful in the implementation of the revised format of the course Media and Democracy?
  7. _is categorized as a microblogging web application that allows users to connect to one another using 140-character messages
  8. are defined as Twitter users who engage the social media outlet as digital gatekeepers of information.
  9. According to the study in Chapter 6, facilitators are defined as people who re-tweet and pass along other tweets and information.
  10. According the Chapter 6, Twitter hasn't changed the way in which people communicate very much

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