COM 200 COM200 Week 1 Quiz Answers

COM 200 COM200 Week 1 Quiz Answers


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COM 200 Week 1 Quiz

  1. The process of exchanging messages, usually between two people, to create and share meaning is called
  2. The __________ is the source of the interpersonal communication—the person who originates the communication encounter.
  3. Which of the following is not an example of a symbol?
  4. Self-concept can be changed through interpersonal communication.
  5. Messages are the actual pieces of information exchanged between individuals in an interaction and can only be verbal.
  6. A linguistic theory which states that language influences or shapes the speaker’s ideas and views of the world is
  7. In interpersonal communication, when two people are talking face to face, the channel is the air (or auditory channel) around them that carries the message.
  8. While your self-image is connected with the thoughts and judgments of other people, at the same time it is impossible to hold a view of yourself that is separate and distinct from the opinions and judgments of others.
  9. The rules that govern appropriate communication are
  10. The sender is the recipient of the message.

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