COM 200 COM/200 COM200 Week 1 Quiz Answers

COM 200 COM/200 COM200 Week 1 Quiz Answers


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COM 200 COM/200 COM200 Week 1 Quiz

  1. Messages are the actual pieces of information exchanged between individuals in an interaction and can only be verbal.
  2. Your sense of self-worth and the level of satisfaction you have with yourself are referred to as
  3. Researchers believe that ____________ is a complex mix of how we see ourselves, what others have told us about ourselves, and what society says we should be.
  4. Self-presentation on Facebook is shaped by the following technological parameters
  5. According to Bevan and Sole (2011), _____________ is the most frequent and broadest challenge of interpersonal communication.
  6. Fill in the blank. According to Bevan and Sole, “________ communicate the history, traditions, and values of their culture through oral communication.”
  7. Secondary identity involves all by the following except
  8. A linguistic theory which states that language influences or shapes the speaker’s ideas and views of the world is
  9. While your self-image is connected with the thoughts and judgments of other people, at the same time it is impossible to hold a view of yourself that is separate and distinct from the opinions and judgments of others.
  10. Which of the following is not listed as a challenge in long distance relationships?

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