COH 320 COH320 Midterm Exam Answers (National University)

COH 320 COH320 Midterm Exam Answers (National University)


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COH 320 Midterm (National University)

  1. The number of annual deaths from CVD is approximately
  2. Which of the following are risk factors for CVD?
  3. Which of the following cholesterol levels characterizes an individual at high risk for developing CHD. 
  4. Based on results from the INTERHEART STUDY, which of the following is the strongest risk factor for MI?  
  5. What type of heart arrhythmia increases the risk of stroke more than five-fold?  
  6. Which ethnic group has the highest prevalence of hypertension?
  7.  The nation with the greatest longevity is  
  8. Global relative mortality from chronic diseases is approximately  
  9. The epidemiologic transition refers to 
  10. The leading cause of death worldwide is  
  11. The relative mortality from acute conditions (infection, violence, perinatal and maternal disease) in low income nations is approximately
  12. Which of the following conditions shows a declining prevalence with aging?
  13. Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) in developed countries arise primarily from premature death.
  14. Which of the following statements are true?
  15. Multiple CHD risk factors rarely cluster in the same individual.
  16. High blood pressure increases the risk of CHD by 2 to 3-fold in men and women of all ages. What are the threshold levels of blood pressure for high CHD risk?
  17. The “response to injury” hypothesis states that atherosclerosis is primarily a consequence of:
  18. The case fatality rate for MI is highest in developing nations.
  19. Which ethnic group has the highest incidence of MI?
  20. The mortality from stroke in the USA shows considerable overlap with mortality from which of the following diseases?
  21. The strongest predictor of stroke mortality among nations is the:
  22. Results from randomized clinical trials provide strong evidence that aggressive treatment of elevated blood pressure using anti-hypertensive medications significantly reduces the risk of acute stroke.
  23. What percentage of strokes are ischemic?
  24. Approximately one quarter of adults are hypertensive.
  25. The higher prevalence of hypertension in postmenopausal women compared to men of the same age is most likely a consequence of
  26. Essential hypertension accounts for what percentage of cases?
  27. In developing nations, the leading cause of cancer death among women is breast cancer.
  28. In developing countries, liver cancer ranks second in causing death from cancer due to relatively high exposure to all of the agents listed below except
  29. What form of cancer shows the greatest increase in mortality in US women since 1950?
  30. What form of cancer causes the most deaths among women in developing countries?
  31. Linoleic acid, an n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid prominent in the US diet has been found to promote tumor growth and development.
  32. Approximately what percentage of cancer mortality is attributable to cigarette smoking and other forms of tobacco use?
  33. In developing countries, approximately what percentage of cancer mortality is attributable to chronic infection?
  34. Ingestion of moldy grain heightens the risk of liver cancer due to exposure to what class of compounds?
  35. Define Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALY) and discuss the distribution of DALY worldwide.
  36. What forms of cancer are etiologically linked to chronic cigarette smoking or other forms of tobacco addiction?
  37. What are the key risk factors for CVD?

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