COH 100 COH100 Midterm Answers (National University)

COH 100 COH100 Midterm Answers (National University)


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  1. COH 100 Midterm (National University)

    1. According to the text, the best solution to drug abuse is
    2. Which of the following drugs can induce biological tolerance after a couple of doses?
    3. Which of the following is the most accurate description of the safe limit of alcohol consumption during pregnancy?
    4. All of these are considered counterproductive coping strategies, EXCEPT
    5. All of the following CVD risk factors can be changed, EXCEPT
    6. Shauna expects all of the following to happen when she is stressed, EXCEPT
    7. Breathable chemical vapors produced by substances such as aerosol sprays are called
    8. Which of the following statements is an example of negative self-talk?
    9. Barbiturates are used medicinally for all of the following, EXCEPT
    10. If you feel explosive anger coming on, you should
    11. Which of the following would be the LEAST effective strategy for coping with stress?
    12. Naturally occurring substances found in plant foods that help prevent chronic diseases are
    13. Which one of the following is a potential stressor?
    14. Tom notices that he has to take a larger dose of a drug to achieve the same "high." This condition he is experiencing is known as
    15. Which of the following body reactions is characteristic of the stress response?
    16. An arrhythmia is
    17. A tumor that is NOT cancerous is called
    18. Smoking increases cardiovascular risk in all of the following ways, EXCEPT
    19. Homeostasis
    20. What type of stroke is caused by the rupture of a blood vessel on the brain's surface resulting in bleeding into the space between the brain and the skull?
    21. Which of the following is a characteristic of depression?
    22. Daniel has a family history of colon cancer. To lower his personal risk of the disease, he should consider doing all of the following, EXCEPT
    23. In terms of time-management strategies, which one of the following is NOT considered helpful to you in improving your efficiency at completing your tasks?
    24. Effects of marijuana include
    25. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the relationship between eating and alcohol consumption?
    26. Joe just received an F on his term paper. Which type of stress is he likely to experience?
    27. A defense mechanism by which unacceptable thoughts or wishes are excluded from consciousness is
    28. What is the defense mechanism that allows a false, acceptable reason to be given when the real reason is unacceptable?
    29. Narcotics is another term for
    30. Which of the following is NOT a recommended strategy for heading off explosive anger?
    31. The most dangerous form of skin cancer is
    32. What role does ammonia play in cigarettes?
    33. C-reactive protein is released into the bloodstream in response to
    34. Obstacles in the process of behavior change
    35. The carbonation in an alcoholic beverage like champagne
    36. Which one of the following is a good source of phytochemicals?
    37. According to the "SMART" criteria; a behavior change such as "drink eight cups of water every day" is an example of being
    38. Which one of the following qualities contributes most positively to one's physical wellness?
    39. To increase the chance for success when attempting to quit smoking, you should
    40. The parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system
    41. During a "stages of change" behavior change program, some people may lapse. If this occurs, the best strategy for them is to
    42. Once the stressful situation ends, your parasympathetic nervous system
    43. A defense mechanism by which unacceptable inner impulses are attributed to others is
    44. Congestive heart failure is
    45. Which of the following drugs is NOT a hallucinogen?
    46. Loss of lung tissue elasticity is characteristic of
    47. When evaluating health topics on the Internet, check the
    48. The type of stroke that is caused by a rupture of blood vessels is called
    49. Binge drinking for men is defined as drinking _____ drinks within 2 hours
    50. Expressing wishes forcefully, but not necessarily hostilely, describes being

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