CO 2520 CO2520 Final Exam Answers (ITT Tech University)

CO 2520 CO2520 Final Exam Answers (ITT Tech University)


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CO 2520 Final Exam (ITT Tech)

1) What  is ethnocentrism?

2) What are the hallmarks of a close relationship?

3) What are the hallmark of a close relationship?

4) What characterizes the assumptions now makes about knowledge and the nature of reality?

5) Describe the social Presence Theory.

6) What tells you what information that belongs together and how to understand what you perceive?

7) What is Absolutism?

8) What are types of cognitive representations that individuals use to organize their perceptions about people and communication?

9) What is another word for over generalizing a group of people?

10) What are the signals that accompany speech to clarify or emphasize the verbal messages called?

11) What are the components of shared leadership within functional theory?

12) What is kinesics?

13) What does trait theory tell us?

15) What facial expressions are thought to be the same across cultures?

16) What is attachment?

17) What are border dwellers?

18) Describe each of the different types of attractions.

19) What can constitute an area for potential intercultural difference?

20) What is the theory that emphasizes that our guesses about future interactions or negative determine our probability of talking with someone and forming a relationship?

21) What are the goals of a secondary group?

22) What is demanding-withdrawal communication?

23) What are the components of small group communications?

24) What is selective exposure? 

25) What theory suggests that leaders can acquire communication skills and leadership behavior over time?

26) What is the matching hypothesis?

27) What is homogeny?

28) What is social penetration?

29) Describe each of the leadership types?

30) What does the work media refer to?

31) What is ethnography?

32) What is the linear model of communication?

34) What are the uses and gratifications theory?

35) What is the cultivation theory?

36) Approximately what is the personal distance range?

37) Describe agenda setting research

38) What are the four spheres or categories of space that humans use?

39) Which theory suggests that CMC offers a diminished since of Psychological closeness or immediacy because it removes most non-verbal cues?

40) What is hoaxing?

43) What is content analysis?

44) Where do ethical codes to reflect beliefs and values come from? 

45) What a does it mean to intensify a relationship?

46) What is spoofing?

47) What is expressing ethical concerns about media coverage called?

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