CJ 202 CJ202 Week 7 Quiz Answers (Grantham)

CJ 202 CJ202 Week 7 Quiz Answers (Grantham)


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CJ202 Week 7 Quiz (Grantham)

  1. Overcrowded prisons may violate
  2. Proponents who say nothing should be done about prison overcrowding subscribe to which strategy?
  3. In terms of culture, the United States is:
  4. The gap between unemployment rates for African American men and every other group in society grows when:
  5. A consequence of the view of differential criminality would be:
  6. African Americans make up 40 percent of the prison population but __________ of all U.S. residents.
  7. The belief executions of wrongdoers deters others from committing the crime reflects:
  8. The term _________refers to the belief one who takes another’s life deserves punishment equal to the victim’s fate.
  9. The term __________ refers to idea the punishment of execution will deter others from violent criminal activity.
  10. The term _________refers to the desire to keep the offender from committing further crimes.

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