CJ 202 CJ202 Week 6 Quiz Answers (Grantham)

CJ 202 CJ202 Week 6 Quiz Answers (Grantham)


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CJ202 Week 6 Quiz (Grantham)

  1. In the wake of the “tough on crime” over the past three decades, the number of parolees has:
  2. The decision to release an inmate is made in the context of:
  3. From 1920 to 1973, sentencing and release procedures involved:
  4. Parole is also known as:
  5. After an inmate has served time equal to the total sentence minus “good time,” if any, he or she will receive:
  6. A parole board organized inside a department of corrections is an example of a/an __________ parole board.
  7. An inmate’s eligibility for release into community supervision depends on requirements set by the law and _________.
  8. Because of ______, many states have devised ways to get around the rigidity of mandatory release.
  9. Most parole boards cite an inmate’s progress in ________________as one criterion for release.
  10.  Which of the following is a release criteria used by the parole board?

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