CJ 202 CJ202 Week 5 Quiz Answers (Grantham)

CJ 202 CJ202 Week 5 Quiz Answers (Grantham)


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CJ202 Week 5 Quiz (Grantham)

  1. Approximately what percent of women released from incarceration have nowhere to go and must find a place to live?
  2. What case was instrumental in ensuring that women’s prisons had programs comparable to that of male prisons?
  3. In 1844, the __________ was created with the goal of improving the treatment of female prisoners and separating them from male prisoners.
  4. Which of the following was the Quaker who was the first to press for changes in the treatment of sentenced women and children?
  5. Elizabeth Farnham, head matron of the women’s wing at Sing Sing from 1844–1848, tried to implement reform ideas for female prisoners and:
  6. A form of power that stresses the application or threat of physical force is known as:
  7. According to the author, A majority of correctional officers are:
  8. The way someone behaves in accordance with an order or directive given by another person is:
  9. Most inmate rule violations are handled by:
  10. Correctional officers often rely on __________ to gain cooperation.

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