CJ 202 CJ202 Week 2 Quiz Answers (Grantham)

CJ 202 CJ202 Week 2 Quiz Answers (Grantham)


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CJ202 Week 2 Quiz (Grantham)

  1. Which concept holds that human behavior is governed by the individual’s calculation of the benefits versus the costs of one’s acts:
  2. The concept of selective incapacitation rests on the idea:
  3. According to the author, in a retributive justice model those who commit a particular crime should be punished:
  4. With reference to time, rehabilitation is:
  5. Among the stated goals of the correctional process as mentioned by the authors, which of the following does not overlap with the objectives of the other purposes?
  6. The goal of rehabilitation is oriented solely toward the _____________and does not imply any consistent relationship between the severity of the punishment and the gravity of the crime.
  7. According to Herbert Packer, which of the following is NOT an element of punishment?
  8. According to the concept of __________, offenders are returned to society once they are cured.
  9. Punishment of criminals that is intended to be an example to the public and to discourage the commission of offenses by others is known as:
  10. Depriving an offender of the ability to commit crimes against society, usually by detention in prison, is:

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