CJ 202 CJ202 Week 1 Quiz Answers (Grantham)

CJ 202 CJ202 Week 1 Quiz Answers (Grantham)


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CJ202 Week 1 Quiz (Grantham)

  1. Which of the following is the central purpose of punishment?
  2. Jeremy Benthem argued effective punishments prevent _________________in the future.
  3. The invention of the penitentiary occurred because of:
  4. The belief a punishment inflicted on an offender must achieve enough good to outweigh the pain inflicted is called:
  5. The founder of the Classical School of Thought is ___________________
  6. The period known as the Enlightenment had what effect(s) on society?
  7. For the purpose of deterrence, which principle(s) did Beccaria believe were most important?
  8. During the Age of Reason, advances in scientific thinking led to a questioning attitude thatemphasized which of the following?
  9. ________ was a leader of reform in England and the developer of a utilitarian approach tocrime and punishment
  10. The dominant social institution during the Middle Ages in England and Europe was:

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