CIS 435 Brian was working at XSecurity, Inc.

CIS 435 Brian was working at XSecurity, Inc.


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Brian was working at XSecurity, Inc., a computer software company, as a software programmer. He was very conscientious and sincere in his work, and always met deadlines for program delivery. Despite this, Milton, his boos, always harrassed him, and gave him negative employment reviews. So, Brian decided, when the chance arose, to teach his boss a lesson.

At a recent security symposium that Brian attended, he heard a lecture on the use of keyloggers and their implications for an organization's security. Afterward, Brian conceived a plan to use a keglogger to take a revenge on his boss.

One day after a particularly long meeting, Milton took his lunch break late, and in his hurry to leave, forgot to lock his office. This provided the opportunity Brian was looking for, and he quickly entered Milton's office to implant a hardware keglogger into the USB port on the back of Milton's computer, where it would not be notice.

Review the case in above and discuss the ethical and legal concerns of Brian’s actions. What might the ramifications or consequences of his actions be? Why?

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