CIS 355A CIS355A Week 4 Quiz Answers

CIS 355A CIS355A Week 4 Quiz Answers


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CIS 355A Week 4 Quiz

(TCO 2) The first parameter in the for statement is a(n) _____.

(TCO 2) One of the features of the _____ layout manager includes the specification of number of rows and columns.

(TCO 2) A special Java object that contains other components, such as user interface is known as a _____.

(TCO 2) The _____ manager is used primarily to house other containers, each of which can use its own layout manager.

(TCO 2) The _____ class is the default layout manager for Panels and Applets.

(TCO 6) The capability of all menu bar commands to display their related menu list upon a click is an example of _____.

(TCO 6) The value null refers to the _____ when it is used as the second argument to the setContents() method.

(TCO 6) The main() method of the Calculator class is responsible for _____.

(TCO 6) The result of the _____ method is an object that represents the data to be transferred.

(TCO 6) The _____ component should be constructed and declared first when implementing a menu system.

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