CIS 355A CIS355A Week 3 Quiz Answers

CIS 355A CIS355A Week 3 Quiz Answers


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CIS 355A Week 3 Quiz

(TCO 4) The index of the array starts at _____ and can only be of type _____. 

(TCO 4) A loop that executes a specific number of times is called a(n) _____.

(TCO 4) The index number assigned to elements of an array is also called a _____.

(TCO 4) Which of the following is not a valid array declaration?

(TCO 4) How can you initialize an array of two characters to a and b?

(TCO 8) What kind of errors in the debugger will not help you to correct it?

(TCO 8) The immediate superclass of a TextArea component is _____.

(TCO 8) A(n) _____ method operates or manipulates variables for an external class.

(TCO 8) To call an instance method from a driver class, use the _____ notation, where class is the name of the external class object.

(TCO 8) A _____ is an AWT component that serves as an invisible container to further refine the arrangement of components within another Container.

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