CIS 355A CIS355A Week 1 Quiz Answers

CIS 355A CIS355A Week 1 Quiz Answers


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CIS 355A Week 1 Quiz


(TCO 1) Each class may have one or more levels called the _____ and the _____.

(TCO 1) Which of the following statements is true?

(TCO 1) The Java Software Development Kit includes all of the following tools except _____.

(TCO 1) The Java 2 Runtime Environment contains all of the following tools except the _____.

(TCO 1) During the phase of the program development cycle called _____, the programmer uses a test case for input data to step through both the equation written in the requirements document and the algorithm presented in the program design.

(TCO 1) The extension name of a Java bytecode file is

(TCO 1) To code a method in Java, you begin with a_____.

(TCO 1) All lines of Java code, other than headers and braces, must end with a _____.

(TCO 1) An identifier is any word you choose to name an item in a Java program. An identifier is used to name a(n) _____.

(TCO 1) A(n) _____ is a piece of data received by a method to help the method perform its operation.

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