CIS 247A CIS247A Quiz 4 Answers

CIS 247A CIS247A Quiz 4 Answers


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CIS 247A Quiz 4

(TCO 3) A solid object-oriented design process includes which of the following?

(TCO3) A default constructor has how many parameters?

(TCO3) Which of the following might be potential class(es) in an application?

(TCO3) Why do classes need to collaborate with each other?

(TCO 3) Assume you have a RacingCar class with a non-static attribute named speed. If you create four objects of this class, how many copies of the speed variable will you have?

(TCO3) Which of the following correctly describes the steps taken to develop classes using the object-oriented design process, after we develop a prototype for the user interface?

(TCO3) Which of the following is true about the object-oriented design process?

(TCO3) A(n) _____ language is one to which you can add your own data types.

(TCO 3) When composition (one object having another object as a member) is used, _____.

(TCO 3) Classes do not have the ability to _____.

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