CIS 247A CIS247A Quiz 2 Answers

CIS 247A CIS247A Quiz 2 Answers


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CIS 247A Quiz 2

(TCO 2) Only those class members which are part of the implementation of the class should be declared as  ______.

(TCO 2) _____ and _____ are other terms for getters and setters.

(TCO 2) Which of the following statements is/are false?

(TCO 2) A Waiter is responsible for taking the order from the Customer based on the menu, informing the Chef of the order and delivering the requested food back to the Customer. A Chef is responsible for preparing the food and notifying the Waiter when the food is ready. The Customer is responsible for placing an order from the menu. In identifying the interface of the Waiter object, which of the following would you consider as (an) appropriate message(s) the Waiter should respond to?

(TCO 5)  Code inside a  _____ should set the newly created object to its initial _____ state.

(TCO 5) Which of the following method pairs are not examples of method overloading?

(TCO 5) Consider the following class definition.

(TCO 2)  Can two classes each define a method with the same name?

(TCO 5) Which error handling technique(s) is(are) appropriate when developing an application?

(TCO 2) Assume a class contains one non-static data member and two static data members. If two objects have been instantiated from the class, how many copies of the static data member exist?

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