CHM 115 CHM115 Practice Exam 1 Answers (Grand Canyon University)

CHM 115 CHM115 Practice Exam 1 Answers (Grand Canyon University)


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CHM 115 Practice Exam 1 Answers (Grand Canyon University)

  1. The OH- ion concentration of a blood sample is 2.3 × 10-7 M. What is the pH of the blood?
  2. A 0.14 M HNO2 solution is 5.7% ionized. Calculate the H+ ion concentration. Ka (HNO2) = 4.5 × 10-4

  3. In the reaction, H2CO3 + H2Oßà HCO3- + H3O+, the Bronsted acids are

  4. How many grams of KOH would it take to neutralize 76 ml of 1.5 M H2SO4? make 1.0 L solution of 0.228 M

  5. What is Kbif a 0.323 M solution of a weak base has a pH =9.58?

  6. For the following reaction:

    H2CO3 + S2-HCO3- + HS-

  7. What are the pH and pOH for a 0.025 M KOH solution?

  8. The concentration of HNO3 in water is gradually increased without changing the volume significantly. Which of the following describes what happens to the concentrations of H3O+ and OH-, the pH and the pOH?

  9. What concentration of HOCl (Ka= 3.5 × 10-8) has the same pH as that of 2.50 × 10-4 M HNO3?

  10. What is the Ka of HClO2 if a 0.100 M solution of the weak acid has a pH = 2.22?

  11. If the pH of a solution is decreased by 2 (10 à8), then the [H3O+]:

  12. Consider the following mono-protic acids.

  13. Consider the following chemical equation:

  14. Consider the following chemical equation:

  15. For the stepwise dissociation of aqueous H3PO4, which of the following is not a conjugate acid–base pair?

  16. A saturated aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide has a pH of 12.25. What is the [Ca2+] of such a solution?

  17. The pH of a solution at 25°C in which [OH] = 3.3 × 10–5 M is:

  18. Calculate the pH of 0.208 M HNO3(aq).

  19. A monoprotic weak acid when dissolved in water is 0.36% dissociated and produces a solution with a           pH of 3.10. Calculate the Ka of the acid.

  20. For weak acid, HX, Ka = 7.3 × 10–6. Calculate the pH of a 0.59 M solution of HX.

  21. Which of the following indicates the most basic solution?

  22. Choose the Brnsted-Lowry acids and bases in the following equation:

  23. A 0.632 M solution of a weak base has a pH of 11.53.  What is the Kb of this base?

  24. What is the [H2PO4-] of a solution labeled "0.10 M Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4)"?

  25. Consider the reaction HOCl + F  HF + OCl

  26. Which of the following statements concerning aqueous solutions of salts is FALSE?

  27. Fill in the blanks:

    According to the Brønsted definitions, an acid is a compound that _________ a proton and a base is a compound that ________ a proton. An acid-base reaction involves transfer of a proton from the _________ to the ________.

  28. Which of the following is the correct label for CH3COO-

  29. The equilibrium constant, K, for this reaction is 2.4×106 at 25 °C. Given that, which one of the following statements is TRUE?

  30. Based on the value of K given in question 5, what can be said about relative acid strengths?

  31. Which H3O+ concentration and classification (acidic vs. basic) are correctly matched for a solution in which the OH- concentration is 5.6 x 10-6 M? 

  32. The solution that will give a pH = 12.00 is (MW: NaOH = 40 g/mol):

  33. What is the Ka of the weak acid HClO2 if a 0.100 M 0.106 M solution of the acid has a pH = 2.22?

  34. The pH of a 0.120 M phenol solution is (Ka of phenol = 1.3 × 10-10): 

  35. Which list gives equal concentrations of the following solutions in order of decreasing acidity?

  36. Which statement is true?

  37. If the pH of a solution is increased by two (6 à 8), the proton concentration

  38. Which of the following salts will form a basic solution?

  39. If Ka for HCN is 6.20 10–10, what is Kb for CN?

  40. The pain killer morphine is a weak base when added to water. The Kb is 1.6 10–6. What is the pH of a    4.07 10–3 M solution of morphine?

  41. Determine the percent ionization of a 0.14 M solution of hypochlorous acid, HClO. The Ka for the acid is

  42. For the equilibrium that exists in an aqueous solution of nitrous acid (HNO2, a weak acid), the equilibrium constant expression is:

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