CHFD 215 CHFD215 Quiz 7 Answers (APUS)

CHFD 215 CHFD215 Quiz 7 Answers (APUS)


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CHFD 215 Quiz 7 (APUS)

  1. A young mother, Ariana responds to her preschoolers' behavior with yells and threats. Her neighbor makes a point to model clear directions and positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior whenever she is around the young mother. Ariana soon begins to use the same parenting behaviors. Which type of social support did the neighbor provide for Ariana?
  2. Abusive parents react to stressful situations with
  3. An important developmental task of adolescence that is closely related to the quest for identity is
  4. Baumrind found that a(n) ____ style that incorporates acceptance of the child, involvement in the child's life, control that promotes mature behavior and autonomy granting results in more competent and effective parenting.
  5. Children are at risk for ineffective parenting when
  6. Mr. Chavez is an orthopedic surgeon. Mr. Baca works in a fast-food restaurant. Which father is more likely to focus on the role of provider?
  7. Neglect is the extreme form of ____ child rearing
  8. One factor that can help reduce child maltreatment is
  9. Parents who use an authoritarian child rearing style are
  10. Sibling rivalry is particularly strong during middle childhood when siblings are close in age, the same sex,and when fathers prefer one child over another. The most likely explanation for this is that
  11. The parents of four-year-old Cade have just divorced. Cade may
  12. The primary purpose of divorce mediation is to
  13. When studying blended families, research shows
  14. Which emotional characteristics are common for children raised by authoritative parents?
  15. Which function of the family is responsible for training the young to become competent, participating members of society?
  16. Which of the following characteristics would you look for in a high-quality childcare program?
  17. Which of the following is true of smaller families?
  18. Which of the following is typically listed by only children as an advantage to living in a one-child family?
  19. Which of the following statements is true?
  20. Which type of child maltreatment involves the use of actions like ridicule and humiliation that damages children's cognitive, emotional, or social functioning?
  21. _____ is the term that describes the tendency toward family stress, obesity, and the likelihood to drink and smoke.
  22. A mixed-age group of children are playing together. Which of the following would most likely occur?
  23. A peer group is
  24. A traditional classroom
  25. Adolescents' heavy commitment to after-school employment
  26. As mutual trust and loyalty become more important in children's friendship expectations
  27. Within friendships, discussions that focus on mastery issues and recognition are typical of
  28. Gary struggles with reading, and subsequently most other academic tasks, in spite of scoring above-average on an intelligence test. His teacher thinks he is just not trying, but Gary is in fact displaying characteristics of
  29. Gordon displays hostile and aggressive behavior at times, but is also highly prosocial. Although some of his peers dislike him, he has many friends, and is happy with his peer relationships. Gordon is a
  30. Mr. Al Otaiba spends less time disciplining and more time giving individual attention. Children's interactions with one another in his classroom are more positive and cooperative. Mr. Al Otaiba probably
  31. Mrs. Sparks rarely calls on Steven in class and responds negatively to him when he asks for help. Steven begins to do poorly in school. He is exhibiting
  32. Researchers hypothesize that ____-characterized by friendly chasing and play-fighting-may assist children in establishing a dominance hierarchy.
  33. Six-year-old Fiona changes "best friends" daily, basing her choices on what play activities she feels like doing. Which of Damon's stages of friendship reflects her behavior?
  34. The first step in the development of social development as depicted in play situations is ____ and involves unoccupied, onlooker behavior and solitary play.
  35. The hostile acts of bullies are reinforced by
  36. What type of friendship is linked to poor adjustment?
  37. Which child is more likely to imitate violence seen on TV?
  38. Which child would get many positive votes on sociometric measures of peer acceptance?
  39. Which television show is more likely to encourage make-believe play among its viewers?
  40. Which type of computer activity has little impact on student academic success?

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