CHFD 215 CHFD215 Quiz 5 Answers (APUS)

CHFD 215 CHFD215 Quiz 5 Answers (APUS)


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CHFD 215 Quiz 5 (APUS)

  1. __________ refers to the conception of 2- and 3-year-olds that people's behavior is merely a refection of their desires.
  2. According to Marcia's identity statuses, individuals who are classified as __________ have committed themselves to values and goals without exploring alternatives.
  3. Before age 8, children's descriptions of others are MOST likely to focus on
  4. In __________, self-descriptions often include generalizations about the self that are contradictory.
  5. Longitudinal and cross-sectional research shows that self-esteem
  6. Research on achievement-related attributions indicates that
  7. Research on social problem solving indicates that
  8. Social cognition
  9. The __________ refers to the development of a naive theory of private thoughts and imaginings.
  10. When asked to tell about themselves, preschoolers often mention
  11. At which of Kohlberg's levels of moral development is moral understanding based on conforming to social rules to ensure positive human relationships and societal order?
  12. Both psychoanalytic theory and social learning theory regard moral development as a matter of ________: adopting societal standards for right action as one's own.
  13. Children ____ realize that people's intentions and the context of their actions affect the moral implications of social-conventional transgressions.
  14. Children who wrestle with how to give 5 children equal time on a playground seesaw are developing
  15. Empathy-based guilt reactions are consistently associated with
  16. Ricardo's mother frequently spanks him when he kicks his siblings. Ricardo is likely to
  17. The highest stage within Kohlberg's levels
  18. Which of the following characteristics would be associated with Metcalf and Mischel's hot system?
  19. Which of the following children would probably score the highest in moral reasoning?
  20. Which of the following statements regarding Kohlberg's stages is true?
  21. ____ is the stage of gender understanding in which preschoolers have a partial understanding of the permanence of sex.
  22. Girls with congenital adrenal hyperplasia are more likely to
  23. In widely publicized research regarding sex differences on the SAT, boys and girls do equally well in basic math knowledge. However, girls
  24. Research suggests that _____ account(s) for girls' higher rates of depression.
  25. The majority of differences between boys and girls in mental abilities and personality traits
  26. The strongest of the group differences in gender stereotyping is
  27. To get their way with male peers, boys more often rely on
  28. Two-year-olds Peter and Kailyn are paired together in a laboratory play session. If typical toddler play styles prevail, which of the following scenarios will probably occur?
  29. When teachers attempt to reduce gender typing by introducing new materials in a non-gender-biased fashion and praising all students for independence and persistence,
  30. Which statement is true of the relationship between parenting and gender roles?

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