CCJ 3670 CCJ3670 Week 7 Individual Work (Everest)

CCJ 3670 CCJ3670 Week 7 Individual Work (Everest)


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CCJ3670 Week 7 Individual Work (Everest)

The year is 1968; Molly has just graduated college and has begun her first job using her brand new degree. Molly has a large number of student loans, a new baby (6 months old) and a 3-year old. She is a single mom who lives over 300 miles from her nearest relative. After Molly's divorce, she remained in the city that she and her husband had moved to for his work, so she could finish her education. From the first day in her new job, the man that shares the next office has shown an unusual amount of interest in Molly. He has made several suggestive comments in front of other co-workers and then said "just kidding." When she asked him to stop, he just laughed and said it was just in fun.

Given the time period (1968), what can Molly do to stop this unwanted attention? Please describe at least two things she could do, and explain whether or not they would be effective. Why or why not?

If the year were 2005, what recourse would Molly have? Would the outcomes of her complaints be the same as in 1968? Why or why not?

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