Capella MBA 6016 MBA6016 Assessment 6 Attempt 1

Capella MBA 6016 MBA6016 Assessment 6 Attempt 1


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MBA-FP6016 Assessment 6 Attempt 1 (Capella)

Risk and Return Analysis

1. Calculate the percentage total return of the stock.

2. One year ago, you bought an 8.75 percent coupon bond for $1,065. Today the bond sells for $990.

3. Calculate the holding period return for the stock.

4.  Calculate your total return for last year.

5. Calculate the APR of your investment? The EAR?

6. Calculate the portfolio weight for each stock.

7. What is the expected return on the portfolio if the expected returns on these stocks are 9.75 percent and 16.50 percent?

8. Calculate the projected return on this stock.

9. What is Denton's cost of equity if the projected return on the market is 13 percent?

10. If Metro Company has the following features, what is its WACC?

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