Capella MBA 6008 MBA6008 Assessment 2 Attempt 2

Capella MBA 6008 MBA6008 Assessment 2 Attempt 2


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MBA-FP6008 Assessment 2 Attempt 2 (Capella)

Customer Relationships


Customer Relationships is a vital part of any organization. The Chief Executive Officer wanted to improve General Electric’s customer service.  General Electrics’ CEO wanted to improve customer relationships by utilizing net-promoter.  Based on research and utilizing net promoter score organization can analyze accounts to develop strategies based on customer feedback.  The customer grid can be broken down into different sectors for managers to focus on resources to create profitable-promoter customers.  The reliability of the research by Mr. Reichheld has shown leaps and bounds for Dell, Discover, General Electric, and several other organizations.  Customer relationships are significant to any organization wishing to improve their bottom line.

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