BUSI 650 BUSI650 Module 3 Quiz 2 (Liberty University)

BUSI 650 BUSI650 Module 3 Quiz 2 (Liberty University)


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BUSI650 Module 3 Quiz 2 (Liberty University)

The following are shortcomings associated with analyzing problems “one factor at a time” also known as OFAT and 1FAT, EXCEPT

In services, a product defect is analogous to a defecting customer – a customer who takes their business elsewhere

One aspect that differentiates Six Sigma from other earlier process improvement programs including total quality management and reengineering is that with Six Sigma

With respect to strategy maps and balanced scorecards, which of the following is FALSE

Strategy maps can help define a balanced scorecard

Six Sigma (DMAIC) is best applied when

Which term compares an organization’s processes with the best practices to be found in its industry or others?

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) starts by using “voice of the customer” (VOC) data in which of the following matrices?

The balanced scorecard approach relies not only on financial performance measure but includes customers, internal business processes and organizational learning and growth

Which of the following is NOT a problem commonly found when monitoring

An expectation of Business Process Design is that the improvements in performance will be at a minimum incremental

Six Sigma is among the most timely topics in business today because of the following, EXCEPT

The goal of the Analyze Phase is to identify key cause and effect relationships that can be leveraged to improve the overall performance of the process

Six Sigma is better applied on manufacturing than service operations

The relationship between the natural variation in the production system and the product’s design specifications can be quantified using

Business Process Design (BPD) is also adequately named the following EXCEPT

Lean Sigma is a combination of Six Sigma and lean tools appropriate when both too much variation and waste exist in a process

Benchmarking is a process that helps compare a company against its competitors on a variety of relevant indicators

When calculating ranges for particular variables, it is mathematically possible to obtain negative variables; in such an event, one should set zero for that variable range

Process capability analysis does NOT depend on

Developing and evaluation solutions to reduce the gap between desired process performance and current performance is the final step in the six sigma DMAIC approach for process improvement

Departments within a stage 2 organization may exhibit a stage 3 orientation, thereby upgrading the organization to a step 3 categorization

Which of the following is FALSE about Quality Function Deployment (QFD)?

Defects per million opportunities (DPMO) and Process Sigma are the most important tools for the Measure Phase of Six Sigma

In this stage of operational effectiveness, organizations use core capabilities residing in the operations area to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage

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