BUSI 610 BUSI610 Quiz 4 (Liberty University)

BUSI 610 BUSI610 Quiz 4 (Liberty University)


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BUSI610 Quiz 4 (Liberty University)

  1. What type of culture exists in a stable environment with an external strategic focus?
  2. When interpreting culture, one of the important observable aspects of the culture would be rites and ceremonies such as the rite of passage.
  3. The culture encouraging risk taking, change, and improvement is a value of a learning organization with a strong adaptive culture.
  4. Which of the following is an example of the rite of integration in corporate culture?
  5. ____ are principles that guide the decisions and behaviors of managers with regard to whether they are right or wrong in a moral sense.
  6. All ethical standards are legal requirements.
  7. The most important aspect for creating an innovative company is requiring people to come up with new ideas
  8. ____ means an organization creates an organic structure when such a structure is needed for the initiation of new ideas.
  9. Mike Hall, CEO of Borrego Solar Systems, holds internal “innovation challenge’ contests on the company intranet to get his shy, introverted engineers to speak up with their ideas for improving the business. Employees vote on their favorites and the winner takes home a cash prize. Borrego Solar Systems utilizes which of the following approaches?
  10. The adoption of an idea or behavior that is new to the organization's industry, market, or general environment is referred to as:
  11. O.D. uses knowledge and techniques from the behavioral sciences.
  12. It has been found that new products will be more successful if:
  13. Management science, although cumbersome, cannot produce failures in decision making.
  14. The incremental decision model is based on research showing that:
  15. The prospect theory suggests that the threat of a loss has a greater impact on a decision than the possibility of an equivalent gain
  16. Intuition is arbitrary and irrational.
  17. A venture team is an alliance among several managers who agree about organizational goals and problem priorities
  18. Which of the following is not an organizational constraint during nonprogrammed decision making?
  19. Two of the four tactics suggested in our text for increasing management's power are: (1) 
  20. Network centrality means that managers have access to information and people that are critical to the company's success, and thereby increase their power base.
  21. Which of the following is not a political tactic for using power?
  22. Resources symbolize power and influence within an organization
  23. Strategic contingencies are succession plans that are made within the corporation.
  24. When goals are in alignment, there is little differentiation, departments are characterized by pooled interdependence, and resources seem abundant. Managers can use ____ of organization
  25. Absorption occurs when a department takes action after an event to reduce its negative consequences.
  26. Give an example from your personal experience of how differences in tasks, personal background, and training lead to conflict among groups. How might task interdependence have influenced that conflict?

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