BUSI 610 BUSI610 Quiz 2 (Liberty University)

BUSI 610 BUSI610 Quiz 2 (Liberty University)


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BUSI610 Quiz 2 (Liberty University)

As part of the “green movement,” Nike began making shoes with recycled materials and eco-friendly glues. The big oil company Valero is using windmills to run its refineries more efficiently and produce petroleum-based fuels more easily. These examples belong to which sector of the general environment?

Which of the following is a proper dimension of the framework for assessing environmental uncertainty?

Rather than establish buffer departments, a newer approach in many organizations is to drop the buffers and expose the technical core to its uncertain environment.

In addition to establishing favorable linkages to obtain resources, organizations also may try to change the environment.

Competitive intelligence refers to the high-tech analysis of large amounts of internal and external data to spot patterns and relationships that might be significant

With scenario planning, managers mentally rehearse different scenarios based on anticipating various changes that could affect the organization. 

When Johnson & Johnson had to cope with the unpredictable Tylenol poisoning issue, their experience best exemplified the____ dimension of the environment.

Every organization faces uncertainty globally but not domestically.

Coercive forces result in:

In resource-dependence theory, large, independent companies have power over small suppliers

____ is an organization's specific technology, structure, products, goals, and personnel, which can be selected or rejected by the environment

In the changing role of management, managers think about vertical processes rather than horizontal structures.

An organizational niche:

Benchmarking is:

Which of the following is not one of the frameworks of interorganizational relationships?

In population ecology theory, large dependent companies have power over small suppliers.

A _____ strategy means that competition in each country is handled independently of competition in other countries.

____ is a popular approach to sharing development and production costs and penetrating new markets

The _____ structure divides the world into geographic reasons.

A ____ strategy would encourage production design, assembly, and marketing tailored to the specific needs of each country

Stage two is the global stage which means the company takes exports seriously and begins to think multidomestically.

Service companies cannot use a divisional structure

Which of the following is not true regarding approaches to coordination and control?


The fourth and ultimate stage of international development is the multinational stage.

The global matrix structure:


What are some forces that influence environmental uncertainty?  Which  typically has the greatest impact on uncertainty--environmental complexity or environmental change?  Why?

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