BUSI 340 BUSI340 Quiz 6 (Liberty University)

BUSI 340 BUSI340 Quiz 6 (Liberty University)


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BUSI340 Quiz 6 (Liberty University)

  1. Which of the following sources of power originates from the powerholder's own characteristics? 
  2. People with expertise tend to have more influence using persuasion, whereas those with a strong legitimate power base are usually more successful applying _____. 
  3. Networking potentially increases a person's power by: 
  4. _____ is an integral part of exchange. 
  5. Jason is effective at forming friendships with other people in the organization. Over time, he becomes well known and respected by numerous people in key positions in the organization. Through his networking, Jason has: 
  6. A senior executive wants to introduce a new reward system for salespeople. To support this change, the executive retained a consultant to determine the benefits of the reward system for salespeople in this organization. However, the consultant's report determined that the reward system would not work well for a variety of reasons. After reading the report, the executive discarded it without notifying others of its existence. Meanwhile, the executive continued to push for the reward system. What influence tactic did the executive use? 
  7. As our society moves from an industrial to a knowledge-based economy, employees are gaining: 
  8. Which of the following is a "hard" influence tactic? 
  9. People with high Machiavellian values tend to: 
  10. A supervisor pushes employee performance by constantly checking their work, reminding them of their deadlines, and threatens to put their unknown failures on the company notice board. Which of the following forms of influence is this supervisor using? 
  11. Employees have _____, ranging from sarcasm to ostracism, to ensure that coworkers conform to team norms. 
  12. Which of the following is the most common form of influence in high power distance cultures? 
  13. What is the relationship between emotional intelligence and relationship conflicts? 
  14. Salespeople at Widget Co. complain that they lose sales bonuses when the production department is out of stock of a particular item. This sometimes causes customers to buy from elsewhere rather than wait for the next production run. Meanwhile, production employees complain that salespeople don't appreciate the need to minimize inventory costs, for which production staff is rewarded. This instance is an example of conflict due to: 
  15. The current perspective on organizational conflict is that: 
  16. Direct communication minimizes conflict by:
  17. Third-party dispute resolution activities are classified in terms of their: 
  18. Relationship conflict usually causes people to: 
  19. Effective managers should: 
  20. What is the major function of integrators in an organization? 
  21. Which of the following conflict management styles is associated with low cooperativeness and low assertiveness? 
  22. Which of the following produce the highest risk of conflict? 
  23. The third-party conflict resolution intervention that has a high level of control over the final outcome but little control over the process is known as: 
  24. Employees in engineering and marketing often disagree with each other in how to achieve a target mainly because they have unique backgrounds, experiences, and training. The most apparent source of conflict here is: 
  25. Which of the following precedes conflict outcomes in the conflict process? 

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