BUSI 340 BUSI340 Quiz 5 (Liberty University)

BUSI 340 BUSI340 Quiz 5 (Liberty University)


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BUSI340 Quiz 5 (Liberty University)

  1. Which of the following types of task interdependence is seen among production employees working on assembly lines? 
  2. Social loafing occurs:
  3. Self-directed teams:
  4. Which of the following competencies would primarily assist team maintenance? 
  5. Which of the following foundations of trust is determined mainly by the other party's predictability? 
  6. Identify the task-related characteristics in the ‘five C's' of effective member behaviors. 
  7. Synergie Inc. formed a team to improve revenues for its service stations along major highways in Malaysia. This team, which included a service station dealer, a union truck driver and four or five marketing executives, disbanded after it had reviewed the Malaysian service stations and submitted a business plan. This team is called a(n): 
  8. How do norms affect the behavior of team members? 
  9. Which of the following generally occurs during the storming stage of team development? 
  10. Groups are considered teams only when: 
  11. Groupthink characteristics cause team members to be _____ their decisions. 
  12. Production blocking and evaluation apprehension:
  13. The encoding-decoding process is generally more effective when both parties: 
  14. Which of the following represents the first step in the communication model? 
  15. Effective communication occurs when: 
  16. Which of the following is an advantage associated with using written communication channels in persuading people? 
  17. Active listeners improve their evaluating activities by:
  18. You have made an important presentation to several Japanese executives regarding a proposed partnership between your American company and their Japanese firm. The Japanese executives were very silent during the presentation. Most people in the United States would view this silence as: 
  19. _____ are collaborative web spaces in which anyone in a group can write, edit, or remove material from the Web site. 
  20. In the communication process model, "decoding the message" occurs immediately: 
  21. Which of the following fundamental drives is highly influenced by effective communication? 
  22. Emotional contagion occurs when:
  23. Which of the following communication channels has the highest media richness? 
  24. The organizational grapevine is useful because it:
  25. How do men and women generally differ in their communication styles in organizational settings?

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