BUSI 223 BUSI223 Exercise 3 (Liberty)

BUSI 223 BUSI223 Exercise 3 (Liberty)


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BUSI 223 Exercise 3

1. From the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.BLS.gov), go to the “Unemployment” link and then to the “National Unemployment Rate” link. Scroll down to “The Employment Situation” and it will give you the Unemployment Rate (“UeR” in % for last month) in the first sentence. Report the Unemployment Rate.

2. From www.BLS.gov, go to “Inflation & Prices.” Go to the “consumer price index” link. Scroll down to the “CPI News Releases.” Look under “Consumer Price Index” and report the change in CPI-U (Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers) for the most recent month (as a percentage). Make sure to use the seasonally adjusted rate.

3. From www.BEA.gov, “The Gross Domestic Product” (GDP) is available. Look at the Gross Domestic Product link under the “National Section.” View the “Gross Domestic Product” link next to the news release. Report the quarterly change in GDP (as a percentage).

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