BUSI 2003 Midterm Exam with Answers

BUSI 2003 Midterm Exam with Answers


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  1. A lean system is designed to expose errors and get them corrected at the source.
  2. According to the service matrix proposed by Collier and Meyer, ATM services are categorized as:
  3. Which of the following statements concerning the development of operations function, mission, objectives, and strategies is true?
  4. A Kaizen event is a long-term continuous improvement project
  5. _____ seeks to eliminate defects in goods services by preventing and correcting human-generated errors:
  6. The Service Profit chain indicates how customer satisfaction and loyalty along with employee satisfaction and loyalty are important to the overall profitability of the service industry.
  7. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true aboutĀ kanban?
  8. A major drawback of a line process is the jumbled flow, which reduces the throughput and efficiency.
  9. The interfunctional approach is usually the best way to develop new products since it includes both market and technological considerations in the new product design.
  10. Service recoveryĀ refers to:
  11. Common inputs to the operations transformation process include all of the following except
  12. Employee selection, job design, workplace design and reward for employees are important drivers of the service-profit chain.
  13. Which of the following statements about the development of operations function mission, objectives, and strategies is false?
  14. A make-to-stock process (MTS) can provide faster service to customers while a make-to-order (MTO) process can provide customized service to customers.
  15. Lean and lean thinking can be applied to the operations function within an organization
  16. The second common phase of product development focuses on product design. Which of the following is not an activity of the product design?
  17. The most important factor for improving profits in theĀ service-profit chainĀ is:
  18. Concurrent engineering is a sequential development process involving all the functions in an organization.
  19. Value is defined as Price/Benefits.
  20. Which one of the following is not true forĀ changing layouts and maintaining equipmentĀ in a lean production system?
  21. The Knee-Hugger Jeans Company makes designer jeans in six colors under a make-to-stock approach. In response to a new fashion craze, customers have expressed the desire to acquire these jeans in three different styles-namely regular, tight-fit and relaxed-fit styles, with and without "stylish" holes, and with one of four cuts for the pants leg: boot-cut, bell-bottom cut, flared-cut or regular cut. How many different combinations of unique end items would this company have to inventory?
  22. Four major decision responsibilities of the operations management function include all of the following except:
  23. An organization's strategy must be chosen such that it is linked with product plans and management's competitive priorities. Which company below is most likely to choose a batch flow production system?
  24. There are key differences between service and manufacturing organizations. Which of the following is true regarding these differences?
  25. Which of the following is not an example of an organization's distinctive competence?

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