BUS 660 BUS660 Week 3 Homework Answers

BUS 660 BUS660 Week 3 Homework Answers


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BUS 660 Week 3 Homework Solutions (Grand Canyon University)

4-13 Students in a management science class have just received
















 their grades on the first test. The instructor
















 has provided information about the first test grades
















 in some previous classes as well as the final average
















 for the same students. Some of these grades have
















 been sampled and are as follows:

4-14 Using the data in Problem 4-13, test to see if there is





 a statistically significant relationship between the





 grade on the first test and the final average at the





 0.05 level of significance. Use the formulas in this





 chapter and Appendix D.

4-15 Using computer software, find the least squares regression











 line for the data in Problem 4-13. Based on











 the F test, is there a statistically significant relationship











 between the first test grade and the final average











 in the course?

 4-19 Bus and subway ridership in Washington, D.C., during










 the summer months is believed to be heavily tied










 to the number of tourists visiting the city. During the










 past 12 years, the following data have been obtained:

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