BUS 508 BUS508 CHAPTER 2 QUIZ Answers

BUS 508 BUS508 CHAPTER 2 QUIZ Answers


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  1. Ethical ways to handle conflicts of interest include:
  2. Having integrity means adhering to deeply felt ethical principles in business situations.
  3. ________ is biased treatment of a job candidate or employee in the workplace.
  4. ________ is the effort of an organization to make a contribution to the communities in which it earns profits.
  5. Businesspeople do not expect their employees to be loyal and to act in the best interests of the company.
  6. Consumers should have the right to choose which goods and services they need and want to purchase.
  7. The ________ established new rules and regulations for securities trading and accounting practices.
  8. A whistle-blower must weigh a number of issues in deciding whether to come forward.
  9. Consumers should have access to enough education and product information to make responsible buying decisions.
  10. ________ is the public demand that a business consider the wants and needs of its customers in making decisions.
  11. One of the most complex issues facing business as it addresses its ethical and social responsibilities to the general public is                                  .
  12. A business is also judged by its interactions with the community.
  13. The ________ emphasizes “maintaining a culture of integrity” and defines three basic core values: “do what’s right; respect others; perform with excellence.”
  14. ________ are formal procedures that identify and evaluate all company activities that relate to social issues such as conservation, employment practices, environmental protection, and philanthropy.
  15. ________ is an employee’s disclosure to company officials, government authorities, or the media of illegal, immoral, or unethical practices.
  16. ________ refers to the responsibility of manufacturers for injuries and damages caused by their products.
  17. Companies do not often seek to align their marketing efforts with their charitable giving.
  18. A firm must be able to prove that any environmental claim made about a product has been substantiated with reliable scientific evidence.
  19. According to the ________, discarded electronic items now make up as much as 40 percent of the lead in landfills in the United States.
  20. In business, as in life, deciding what is right or wrong in a given situation does not always involve a clear-cut choice.

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