BUS 508 BUS508 CHAPTER 12 QUIZ Answers

BUS 508 BUS508 CHAPTER 12 QUIZ Answers


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  1. In deciding which distribution channel is most efficient, business managers do not need to consider four factors: the market, the product, the producer, and the competition.
  2. Market factors may be the most important consideration in choosing a distribution channel.
  3. Although you might think that adding intermediaries to the distribution process would increase the final cost of products, more often than not this choice actually lowers consumer prices.
  4. ________, in contrast to wholesalers, are distribution channel members that sell goods and services to individuals for their own use rather than for resale.
  5. ________ are major capital items, such as new factories, heavy equipment and machinery, and custom-made equipment.
  6. ________ involves placing a firm’s products in nearly every available outlet.
  7. ________ are goods and services such as paycheck services and huge multifunction copying machines used in operating an organization; they also include machinery, tools, raw materials, components, and buildings used to produce other items for resale.
  8. A ________ is a group of retail stores planned, coordinated, and marketed as a unit to shoppers in a geographical trade area.
  9. Once a product is on the market, it usually goes through four stages known as the ________: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.
  10. A ________ is a distribution channel member that sells primarily to retailers, other wholesalers, or business users.
  11. The process of coordinating the flow of goods, services, and information among members of the supply chain is called ________.
  12. Marketers measure brand loyalty in three stages: brand recognition, brand preference, and ________.
  13. ________ is the added value that a respected and successful name gives to a product.
  14. The second step in developing a competitive retailing strategy is to select a target market.
  15. ________ are those typically purchased only after the buyer has compared competing products in competing stores.
  16. ________ Introduces a new product supported by a complete marketing campaign to a selected city or TV coverage area.
  17. Packaging does not affect the durability, image, and convenience of an item and its responsible for one of the biggest costs in many consumer products.
  18. ________ is commonly found in the marketing of relatively expensive, complex products that may require demonstrations.
  19. ________ technology relies on a computer chip implanted somewhere on a product or its packaging that emits a low-frequency radio signal identifying the item.
  20. A ________ is exactly what its name implies: an office for a producer’s sale people.

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