BUS 430 BUS430 Week 9 Quiz 8 Answers

BUS 430 BUS430 Week 9 Quiz 8 Answers


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BUS 430 Week 9 Quiz 8



            1. Scheduling refers to determining the order in which jobs or tasks are processed.

            2. Telling an umpire crew to work baseball games in Chicago, then Milwaukee, and then Cleveland is an example of a sequence.

            3. Scheduling and sequencing methods used in manufacturing are more beneficial in low-contact, than high-contact, service processes.

            4. Scheduling problems occur almost exclusively in manufacturing.

            5. Appointments can be viewed as a reservation of service time and capacity.



            1. Triage by nurses in an emergency room would be an example of

            2. Scheduling refers to specifying

            3. Staff scheduling needs all of the following except

            4. Which of the following is not a consideration when designing an appointment system?

            5. The time needed to process a given set of jobs is called



            1. Differentiate between scheduling and sequencing.

            2. Staff scheduling attempts to match available personnel with the needs of the organization by performing what four steps?

            3. What four (4) decisions are considered in designing an appointment system?

            4. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the Shortest Processing Time (SPT) and the Earliest Due Date (EDD) sequencing rules.

            5. Explain why any sequence chosen in the single-machine scheduling problem will not change makespan time.



            1. The following five jobs, along with their processing time and due dates, are given below.

            2. The table below includes processing times and due dates for five jobs.

            3. A new surgical facility called Cut & Sew is opening in neighborhoods throughout the United States. They are job shops that handle a variety of outpatient surgical procedures. Their process is set up so that one doctor cuts and the other sews. They have five patients to sequence for tomorrow. Since the weather forecast is for a cool and sunny day, they would also like to play golf tomorrow. They want to sequence their patients with the objective of minimizing the time from the beginning of the first job until the finish of that job. The patients and estimated times are as follows:

            4. A restaurant needs the following number of wait staff to serve its evening guests.

            5. A movie theater requires the following minimum number of employees, each of which is required to have two consecutive days off.

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