BUS 407 BUS407 Week 6 Quiz 4 Answers

BUS 407 BUS407 Week 6 Quiz 4 Answers


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BUS 407 Week 6 Quiz 4

  1. Trainees with _______ learning style remember material best if they are first given the “big picture.”
  2. Without _____, it is very difficult to evaluate training.
  3. If after training, the trainee is performing at a level lower than before, this means that there is (are)
  4. When estimating training costs, it is a good idea to build in a contingency fund of about _____ percent.
  5. Which of the following terms is used to reflect maximizing the similarity of the training to the job?
  6. The perception of salient characteristics of an organization is
  7. If a major constraint is “short lead time” (therefore there is not much time to prepare training), one viable option is use of
  8. ____ is practicing symbolically and _____ is the transformation of the learning into actual behavior.
  9. In the elaboration theory of training design, SCM refers to
  10. “Using a standard climbing harness and spikes” is an example of what part of a learning objective?
  11. Converting the external world into our own mental language is called
  12. Often training is intended to give trainees concepts and principles they can use to address a wide variety of situations they will find on the job. In these cases, the training should use the _________ approach.
  13. Trainees with _______ learning style remember material best if they are given the opportunity to think about the new information before discussing it with others.
  14. The way that trainees are required to demonstrate that they have learned a KSA they are expected to acquire through training is called a
  15. How many parts are there to an effective learning objective?

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