BUS 402 BUS402 Small Business Management Final Exam Answers - Strayer

BUS 402 BUS402 Small Business Management Final Exam Answers - Strayer


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Strayer BUS 402 Small Business Management Final Exam Answers

  1. The secret to selecting the ideal location for a business is:
  2. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires that:
  3. Incubator facilities are established in order to:
  4. The best way to determine where to place merchandise, what a store's "hot" and "cold" spots are, is to:
  5. The type of business that does well when located near competitors is:
  6. Managers have discovered that a quality approach to doing business:
  7. A danger of an excessive investment in inventory for the small business is:
  8. Many small businesses build a(n) ________, or cushion, into their inventories in case demand runs ahead of the anticipated usage rate.
  9. The vendor certification process assumes:
  10. ________ is the right to ownership of property and, for a small business owner, determines who has responsibility for ownership.
  11. Which of the following is a part of the "just-in-time" inventory control philosophy?
  12. Employee theft can be caused or encouraged by a number of factors including:
  13. The purpose of ABC inventory analysis is:
  14. The ________ shoplifter is often a regular customer, well-respected individual, etc.
  15. A physical inventory count should be taken at least:
  16. _______ is the process of influencing and inspiring others to work to achieve a common goal and then giving them the power and the freedom to achieve it.
  17. A company's culture:
  18. When workers are empowered:
  19. When checking references, the small business owner:
  20. A job specification:
  21. The ________ is a transfer of ownership strategy for an owner to transfer the company to his/her children while retaining control over it him/herself.
  22. Small business owners have a number of options for controlling health care costs, such as:
  23. In a(n) ________ managers and/or employees borrow money from a financial institution and pay the owner the total agreed-upon price at closing; then they use the cash generated from the company's operations to pay off the debt.
  24. Small business owners can make a number of mistakes in their management succession plan including:
  25. ________ allow(s) employees and/or managers (that is, the future owners) to purchase the business gradually, which frees up enough cash to finance the venture's future growth.
  26. To have an agreement, a contract must have:
  27. The Robinson-Patman Act focuses on:
  28. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy:
  29. An agent's duties when executing agency include:
  30. What are, if any, the possible defenses against a valid contract which may cause it to be unenforceable?

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