BUS 402 BUS402 Quiz 11 Answers

BUS 402 BUS402 Quiz 11 Answers


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BUS 402 Quiz 11

  1. The concept of social responsibility has evolved from that of a nebulous "do-gooder" to one of:
  2. When it comes to monitoring electronic communication, especially e-mail:
  3. A number of things can be done in order to integrate ethical principles into a company, such as:
  4. ________ is any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical sexual conduct made explicitly or implicitly as a condition of employment.
  5. Robin works hard at acting on principle and conviction and striving to do the honorable thing. Robin is guided by the ethical principle of:
  6. Those who can most influence individual behavior within a small company and set the moral and ethical tone of a company are its:
  7. A(n) ________ is a company-provided benefit designed to help reduce workplace problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, a gambling habit, and other conflicts and to deal with them when they arise.
  8. Once a manager recognizes the ethical dimensions involved in a dilemma or decision, his/her next step in establishing a workable ethical framework to guide him/her would be to:
  9. Managing diversity in the workforce means managers need to:
  10. When dealing with AIDS in the workplace, small business owners should:
  11. Business ethics consist of the fundamental ________ values and behavioral standards that form the foundation for the people of an organization as they make decisions and interact with stakeholders.
  12. The ultimate decision on whether to abide by ethical principles in any given situation rests with:
  13. The practice of moral management by the small business generally results in:
  14. The ________ suggests that the channels of communication between companies and their customers run in both directions.
  15. ________ consists of the fundamental moral values and behavioral standards that form the foundation for the people of an organization as they make decisions and interact with stakeholders.
  16. ________ is the most common type of bankruptcy, accounting for nearly 70% of all bankruptcies.
  17. A ________ is any distinctive work, symbol, name, logo, etc., that a company uses to identify the origin of a product or to distinguish it from other products.
  18. The courts use the presence or absence of a(n) ________ to distinguish between serious promises and those that are not serious.
  19. A credit card holder may withhold payment on a faulty product, providing a good faith effort was made to settle the dispute, under the:
  20. If a contract for the sale of goods omits the place for delivery, the Code states that delivery will take place at:
  21. The ________ prohibits debt collectors from using intimidation to collect debts, calling on the debtor at inconvenient times, or contacting third parties about the debt.
  22. Which of the following phrases is sufficient to disclaim an implied sales warranty?
  23. ________ is a remedy for breached contracts that deal with unique items and is designed to make the injured party "whole again."
  24. The author of a hit song could apply for a ________ to protect that work from unauthorized use by others.
  25. ________ states that a seller cannot require a buyer to purchase only his/her product to the exclusion of other competitive sellers' products.
  26. ________ frequently attempt to free one party of all responsibility and liability for an injury or damage that might occur.
  27. The Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Protection Act of 1994 put in place the following restrictions on telemarketers:
  28. The type of warranty a seller creates when making statements about the condition, quality, and performance of the good that the buyer substantially relies on?
    A ________ is a promise or statement of fact by the seller about a product.
  30. To have an agreement, a contract must have:

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